Cloud computing and Security

Cloud computing POS What began as a trend is now a reality. Every time it is easier to untie our data and computer applications, having them always accessible from any PC, Mac or mobile device with a Internet connection. Years ago we're hearing about cloud computing or cloud services, a concept in itself something abstract and difficult to understand first. However it is very possible that, without knowing it, and are enjoying the possibilities of the cloud. The clearest example is the current services such as Gmail, Hotmail, iCloud or social networks like Facebook, Twitter. Communication services are accessible from any web browser, you do not need to install or anything special we configure our computers to enjoy them.


Your data is located in a secure Datacenter 24 hours day, 365 days year.

Power supply guaranteed.

Guaranteed connectivity.

Automatic backup policy at different devices.

Antivirus and Antispam service.

Lifetime Warranty and infrastructure server.

Cloud computing, managed server.

Access to OfficePos applications from anywhere.

POS security


OFFICE Windows, Mac and Android compatible.
Windows compatible.
WebPOS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android compatible.
OfficePos App available for iPhone / iPad

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