General Features of OfficePos

The online solution OfficePos lets take advantage of working on Cloud in its chain of stores or locations and can be accessed from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection. Optimized for Retail, Food & Beverage and Hospitality, with a major cost savings.

It consists of:

  • OFFICE: Web centralized management in Cloud
  • POS: Advanced Point of Sale App for windows
  • WebPOS: Point of Sale for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows
  • OfficePos App (Stores controlling), Count OfficePos (Inventory management) for iOS and Android
  • Support Service: Specialized support
POS control

Main functions of centralized management: OFFICE

  • Inventory Control.
  • Automatic replenishment of stocks, generation of purchase orders
  • Catalog of products or services, price levels, offers, labels.
  • Control panel or Dashboard.
  • Analysis, sales and purchases statistics, Business Intelligence.
  • Cash control of the store network.
  • Purchases and sales management.
  • Customer Loyalty.
  • Couponing.
  • Salesman control and security levels, time control.
  • Integrated messaging between stores or centers.
  • e-Mailing.
  • Import and export database.
  • Cloud services (Backups, supervision and safety).

Basic functions of point of sale software: POS

  • Working in Offline mode if internet connection fails.
  • Ready for touch or traditional screen.
  • Configurator interface and visual designer.
  • Sale by PLU, barcode, for panels category / product, product buttons.
  • Print receipts and invoices, e-receipt.
  • Managing customer orders and booking.
  • Issuing vouchers and gift receipts.
  • Management of credit sales.
  • Stock control, real-time inventory in other stores or locations.
  • Price levels per customer, promotions, discounts.
  • Cash control, X, Z.
  • User profiles and electronic journal.
  • Reporting and basic statistics.
  • Standby sale.
  • Possibility of different sections per store or locaction.
  • Print labels with barcode.
  POS screen
POS screen

Basic functions WebPOS: (Web Point of Sale)

  • Working on Web navigator.
  • Sale by PLU, barcode, for panels category / product, product buttons.
  • Print receipts and invoices, e-receipt.
  • Stock control, real-time inventory in other stores or locations.
  • Promotions, discounts.
  • Cash control, X, Z.
  • Standby sale.
  • ...

OfficePos App for iOS

The application for mobile devices and tablets allows you to control and manage in real time its chain of stores or branches.

OfficePos app is an ideal tool for your organization manager for allowing you to see at all times the daily activity of their centers, analytical information in prior periods and many more features.


Sales per store, category, product, customer. Overall volume of business, profits, taxes. Sales History for months. View last transaction of its store network, by date: today, yesterday, week, month, year, previous dates, Sending messages to stores.


Smart search the product catalog, categories, stores and customers. View product record and photo. See the stock in hand of a product in all stores. Apply filters to the dashboard as selected.


Check online cash totals per store. Inputs, Outputs and Balance.


Summary of total pending orders serving. Summary of situation. Order Detail. Query with client filter.


Office POS iphone APP Office POS iphone App 2



OFFICE Windows, Mac and Android compatible.
Windows compatible.
WebPOS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android compatible.
OfficePos App available for iPhone / iPad

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