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What is OfficePos?
OfficePos is an online platform for trading at retail through subscription. It is simple and intuitive, yet powerful and scalable network with unlimited users and customer service and can be accessed from anywhere in the world where an Internet connection. It consists of a centralized Web management office, a POS software POS advanced and highly configurable, cloud computing or cloud services, security in a datacenter high availability, backup and remote helpdesk specialist.

What gives me OfficePos benefits?
With OfficePos will implement cost savings of over 95%, as it requires no purchase or maintain a server and not have to deal with maintenance or backup of the database and be able to unsubscribe from service when want without penalty. Comparative cost ...

Do I need to start?
You only need a PC and an Internet connection. You can connect a printer for tickets / receipts, scanner and cash drawer.

It's an online store or a physical store?
OfficePos not an e-commerce application. OfficePos is oriented to retail outlets, restaurants and food and powerful configurator allows you to customize the interface, work environment and peripherals to multiple business types. Coming soon, we can also offer a connector to Prestashop eCommerce platform.



OfficePos much will it cost?
OfficePos has two possibilities: Free version is free and unlimited and the premium version for a cost per user / month. (See Pricing).

What gives me OfficePos Free (FREE for life)?
OfficePos Free is suitable for small business with a single store and limited transactions. You can keep a catalog of items (no photos) with a maximum of 1,000 references and 1,000 lines per month sales transactions, customer management, inventory management does not allow ..

What gives me OfficePos Premium?
OfficePos Premium is multi shop and has no limit products / items, or to perform monthly transactions and allows you to continue working at the point of sale should drop Internet. You can manage suppliers and purchases and stocks for stores / shops.

How to pay?
You can pay the fee by credit card (with CSC) or Bank Transfer. The payment may be monthly, quarterly or yearly.



I can work with product images?
Yes, you can upload or attach a picture for each product (Premium only).

How many items I can store?
No items limit for OfficePos (except in the free version that has 1000).

With what kind of fees / taxes I can work?
You can set rates and fees for each store according to the country, state or province where your store is located at the item level by customizing the type of tax that liquid.

How many users can connect?
There is no limit on the number stores or users. May even work with different catalogs as store and assigning each user different permissions.

Which kind of business is it for?
OfficePos is oriented Retail, Food and beverage. Its powerful configurator allows you to customize its interface and functionality to multiple types of comfortable and effective business doing the work of the user.

It is easy to use?
Yes OfficePos is designed with the user that will be easy and intuitive handling in both touch screen and onscreen conventional mouse no need for it and has in sight, on one screen, all you need to manage in-store sales.

I can work with barcodes?
Yes, OfficePos supports one or more codebars for each product and you can work with all standard scanners.

What I can connect peripherals (cashdrawer, printer, scanner, ...)?
OfficePos works with ticket printers, document printers, cashdrawer, customer display, scales, touch screen or non-touch. The cashdrawer must be compatible with your ticket printer / POS receipts.



I can keep working if my Internet line failure?
Yeah, thanks to its design and architecture, OfficePos Operates online fault tolerant line or other. In Premium accounts, you continue to work at the point of sale if your internet is not working.

What help / support I offer?
In our support page you will find the various ways we can help you get the most out of your account.

Where is the backup of my data and how often is it done?
Our Datacenter makes backups of the database at least every 24 hours and can keep backups in different locations geographically separated.

I can download my data?
Yes, only premium accounts can export data in format CSV.



What do I unsubscribe from the service?
From the Administration menu in My Subscription indicate the Unsubscribe option.




OFFICE Windows, Mac and Android compatible.
Windows compatible.
WebPOS Windows, Mac, iOS, Android compatible.
OfficePos App available for iPhone / iPad

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